For years we have been designing and manufacturing bikinis / wetsuits  for some of the worlds most exclusive female brands. During this time we became dis-enchanted as our designs were being marketed out of the reach of the girls we most wanted to wear them. Some of the designs were being altered and were not functional for those that loved life, others were being made out of sub standard materials.

Because of this we decided to start our own line:-

We are situated only meters from the beach, and with the help of our ambassadors, we have been able to design our own range based around beach life.

Sheoak has worked hard to create two design lines, a resort wear line, and an action line. 


Our resort line is just that. Fantastic for just lying around the pool or beach, having fun and soaking up the rays.  


Our 'action' designs have been designed by those that surf and play hard in the water. They are designed to stay in place while maintaining fashion and comfort.

We have made a conscious decission to maintain our manufacturing within Australia and we are still 100% Australian owned and run.

Materials used include reconstituted limestone neoprene and highest grade Italian Lycra made from recycled and reclaimed materials such as fishing nets etc. 

We are not the largest manufacturer, nor do we place glossy ads in big magazines.

Instead we put our heart and soul in every hand cut piece and with the support from our extended Sheoak family we are able to offer, to you, some of the best products available at an attainable price.